About us

At the forefront of Asia’s web3 landscape, APAC DAO is committed to catalyzing the growth of innovative projects by fostering a thriving ecosystem. With a focus on spearheading web3 development through DAO governance, our mission revolves around three core pillars: Meetup and Conferences, Business Matching, and our Always Building Code (ABC) Initiative, tailored to empower builders and developers.

  • 2,000+ members
  • 500+ projects
  • 15+ countries
  • 4M+ enthusiasts impacted


APAC DAO’s track record in constructive engagement, effective education, and community building speaks for itself.

1. Constructive Engagement Through Web3 Events:

With an extensive track record of organizing over 20 successful events, including both offline meetups and online webinars, APAC DAO has constructively engaged more than 2,000 members from the APAC region. Our success is attributed to curated event-organizing team and robust partnerships with leading web3 companies.

2. Effective Education Through Web3 Networking:

APAC DAO's meetup series delves into web3 topics, catering to blockchain enthusiasts and builders. We've made a strategic decision to limit event attendance to 100-150 participants for both offline and online gatherings, ensuring an effective web3 educational and networking experience.

3. Community Building Through Web3 Partnerships:

APAC DAO is actively building the web3 community through our partnership ecosystem of prominent web3 companies, including venture capitalists, launchpads, tech outsourcing firms, agencies, and more. These collaborations enable us to form a collaborative network through our reach that extends to over 4 million blockchain enthusiasts through the communities of our 2,000+ members.

APAC DAO's commitment to effective education in the web3 space is commendable. Their webinars and meetups are meticulously designed, ensuring a focused learning experience. I've witnessed the positive impact of their initiatives on students and professionals alike, specially for me.

Kenvin Nguyen,

APAC DAO member

As a blockchain developer, I've directly benefited from APAC DAO's Always Building Code (ABC) Initiative. Their comprehensive support, resources, and mentorship have been pivotal in advancing my projects. It's a platform that consistently fuels success in web3 development.

Daniel Wong,

Blockchain Developer, National University of Singapore

APAC DAO is a great community representing Vietnam. Open to collaboration to other web3 communities and gaming guilds like YGG Philippines, providing opportunities to communities through web3. Looking forward to more collaboration with APAC DAO.



I have been a member of the APAC DAO for well over a year and have gained great value out of being a member including making valuable networking connections, receiving opportunities to participate in speaking engagements for major events in my region, and staying up to date with the most recent news and events happening in my region. Grateful to be a part of the APAC DAO!



Bitcoin Addict Thailand is excited to work alongside APAC DAO. Their commitment to constructive engagement, education, and community building perfectly aligns with our mission to educate and raise awareness about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Thailand. Together, we're making a meaningful impact, bringing the benefits of this revolutionary technology to our community.


Bitcoin Addict Thailand

We power an end-to-end
funnel for web3 builders to connect, grow and launch their initiatives!

  • Events and Meetups
  • Interviews and AMAs
  • Business matching
  • Talent matching
  • Consulting & Development

Education & Networking

Proudly co-hosting 10+ meetups and speaking at prominent web3 events and conferences in APAC


Powered by 1,500+ member and 20+ leading web3 partners in APAC, we offer trusted business matching and talent matching support


We aspire to build a funnel for web3 builders in networking, business matching and launching their project via our Decentralized Launchpad

Why should you join us?

01 Flexible working mode

We offer flexible working hours and high productivity commitment.

02 Global culture

Indulge in our global and regional culture from members and partners across APAC!

03 Unique opportunity

Foster diverse skills in BD, marketing, community and event management


Join APAC DAO to unlock business matchmaking opportunities through a special zone that is devised for this purpose in our Discord community. As a valued member of APAC DAO, your string of exclusive benefits include:

(1) Network Expansion

Connect with over 2,000 industry-leading web3 market players from across APAC and around the globe to explore new opportunities and collaborations.

(2) Personalized Support

Submit your matchmaking requests within our community and receive tailored support from our Business Development team that will assist you in finding the right connections.

(3) Partnership Perks

Gain access to a range of special perks and offers from our trusted partners to power up your web3 journey and drive your success in the Metaverse.

Join us on this exciting journey of innovation, collaboration, and growth. As Asia’s premier web3 community, we are dedicated to shaping the future of decentralised technology. Become a part of our thriving ecosystem and unlock your potential in the web3 revolution. Learn more about our network of industry-leading web3 partners using our interactive ecosystem map.