APAC DAO Ambassador Program

Welcome to the APAC DAO Ambassador Program, an avenue to immerse yourself in our community and earn rewards by contributing to our mission. Be a part of the transforming force in Web3 with APAC DAO. We are an ever-growing web3 B2B community of 2,000+ members – 800+ projects – 15+ APAC countries & 4M+ blockchain enthusiasts through members’ communities.

We aspire to leverage this powerful network to educate, crowdsource, and support high-quality projects in a DAO-governing model through Education, Meetup, and Business Matching through official partnerships with AWS, Alchemy, Tencent Cloud, and 30+ other global partners. Ambassadors are proactive leaders dedicated to fostering Asia’s largest Ecosystem Enabler Community.

Why should you become an Ambassador?

Being at the forefront as a top-tier Ecosystem Enabler in SEA, we have a lot of initiatives aligned this year before Devcon running under the umbrella of “Road To Devcon” where there’ll be multiple opportunities for our contributors and ambassadors to work directly with some of the major Chains and web3 protocols this year. 

The major alpha will only be disclosed once you qualify but let us spill some tea for you!

For all Ambassador Candidates and Ambassadors alike, you’ll get the opportunity to work with us on some of the biggest conferences and dev programs including BUIDL Vietnam, ETH Bangkok, etc, as well as learn to do hardcore BD for web3 projects and more. 🥳🥳

Program Structure

The program consists of two levels: 

Level 1: Ambassadors

Level 2: Chapter Leads

Level 2 will come out in the coming months. To become an Ambassador, one must first fulfill the responsibilities in a one-month probation period as an Ambassador Candidate. You can only get promoted to the next level after fulfilling the requirements of the current level. Everyone shall begin as an Ambassador Candidate.

Level 0: One-month probation as Ambassador Candidate

Applicants should demonstrate Contributions to the tasks mentioned below to be considered for the Ambassador program. You’ll be going through a one-month probation training program once qualified as an Ambassador Candidate where you can pick which tasks you’re interested in focusing on.

Throughout your probation period, your core Responsibilities will include:

– Task 1 (Ecosystem Expansion):

Introduce projects needing APAC DAO’s services, successful introductions to Web3 entities, and collaborations with universities in your region.

– Task 2 (Community Building): 

Establish international APAC DAO blockchain dev hubs and university channels, growing them in size and engagement while ensuring alignment with APAC DAO’s guidelines.

Level 1: Becoming an Ambassador

Ambassadors will spearhead the expansion of the APAC DAO ecosystem, initially focusing on community building and later expanding to diverse areas such as Chapter Leads, market expertise, on-site volunteering, and horizontal community expansion.

General Responsibilities

● Advocacy:

 Be a spokesperson for APAC DAO’s mission and represent APAC DAO as approved.

● Market Understanding:

Cultivate insights into Asian markets.

● Ideation & Feedback:

 Propose ideas, feedback, or opportunities.

● Community Engagement:

Role-Specific Responsibilities

Interact, engage, and educate the APAC DAO community.

(a) BD Ambassadors

 Develop partnerships, identify opportunities, and secure referrals.

(b) Developer Ambassadors 

Establish blockchain hubs in universities or your city, engaging and growing them through various channels.

(c) Ecosystem Ambassadors

Contribute to overall initiatives, including partnerships and university collaborations.

Rewards for Ambassadors

(a) Ambassadors receive rewarding benefits

NFTs, Swag, and Commissions: 

APAC DAO branded items, potential NFT collaborations, and commissions for successful project introductions.

(b) Access & recognition

Access to the Ambassador TG channel, social media recognition, and a care package with branded digital assets.

(c) Opportunities

You’ll get opportunities to work with the top chains and protocols in web3 for multiple initiatives and programs.

(d) Building your portfolio

Show off your contributions and skills in your portfolio.

(e) International Exposure

You’ll be working with some of the top chads : developers, BDs and Builders in the APAC region.

Level 2: Chapter Leads

Well, hold your horses now! More details will be revealed soon. 

Who can apply?

Are you someone with a passion for building a blockchain community in your region/university or maybe an experienced community builder in the Web3 sphere?

Are you starting your development journey or a seasoned developer?

Are you just starting your BD journey or an experienced BD professional?

Or maybe just exploring.

This program is open to everyone. The only selection criteria are having a deep passion for web3 and blockchain technologies and a minimum 8-hour contribution commitment to APAC DAO every week.

Ambassador Selection

Selection is based on transparent and meritocratic contributions to given 2 Tasks above. Priority will be given to Contributors who will complete the Ambassador Candidates training program under their probation period.

Application Details

Quarterly cycles for Ambassadors with specific application periods. Up to 25 new Ambassador Candidates per cycle. Idle Ambassadors will lose status, reviewed bi-annually. Apply to be our Ambassador by completing the form .

Applications for contributors will open between January 10, 2024, to January 20, 2024. We suggest you actively engage and contribute to be considered for the program! See you on the other side 😉.

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