Building the Next Killer DApp with Polygon

On May 5th, 2023, blockchain enthusiasts and developers gathered for an exciting event hosted by APAC DAO. The event aimed to explore how to build the next killer decentralized application (DApp) using Polygon, a popular Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution. With a focus on zkEVM and its impact on builders and users, the event provided valuable insights into the world of blockchain development.

The event took place on Twitter Spaces, providing a dynamic platform for participants to engage in discussions and ask questions. Expert speakers included Nicole Nguyen, Co-Founder of APAC DAOAng Kevin, Developer Relations APAC Lead from Polygon Labs, and Phuc Nguyen, CPO of SOTATEK., JSC. These experienced individuals shared their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on developing DApps with Polygon, enlightening the audience on the potential of this technology.

The speakers delved into various topics throughout the event. They emphasized the significance of zkEVM, a zero-knowledge technology that enables efficient computation and privacy on the Polygon network. The discussion revolved around how zkEVM can revolutionize the DApp development process, making it faster, more cost-effective, and user-friendly. Attendees gained valuable insights on leveraging this technology to create innovative and scalable applications.

Moreover, the event shed light on the upcoming DevX hackathon, which was hailed as an excellent opportunity for developers. Participants learned about the significant prizes, totaling more than $120,000, that could be won by joining the hackathon. The hackathon aimed to foster creativity and provide a platform for developers to showcase their skills and build groundbreaking projects on Polygon Labs. Attendees were encouraged to sign up and take advantage of this incredible chance to gain recognition and rewards.

To ensure participants had a chance to have their questions answered, a form was made available in advance. Attendees were able to submit their queries, which the speakers addressed during the event. The top 10 questions asked during the AMA received a total of 100 USDT worth of NFT Drop prizes, further incentivizing participants to engage actively and share their thoughts.

The event was made possible with the support of various organizations, including BITCOIN ADDICTHorizon LandmetaspacecyBlockchain Network PhilippinesDIFY Singapore, Metatech (, and 9 CAT DIGITAL. Their contributions helped amplify the reach of the event, bringing it to a wider audience of blockchain enthusiasts and developers.

Overall, the AMA event on building the next killer DApp with Polygon provided an enriching and insightful experience for attendees. Through the expertise shared by the speakers, participants gained a deeper understanding of the potential of Polygon’s technology, the impact of zkEVM, and the exciting opportunities presented by the DevX hackathon. By fostering knowledge-sharing and collaboration, the event contributed to the growth and development of the blockchain community.

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For those who missed the event, the valuable information shared and the Twitter Spaces recording can be accessed via the link provided in the event’s original announcement. With the knowledge gained and the forthcoming opportunities, participants are now equipped to embark on their journey of building innovative and scalable DApps on the Polygon network.



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