APAC DAO is a dynamic community of 2K+ founders and builders in more than 15 countries spread across SEA, dedicated to fostering advancement and innovation within the APAC region. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and mutual growth, we focus on two pivotal business areas that resonate with our vision.

One of the key initiatives at APAC DAO is our Business Matching Program, designed to facilitate strategic connections and partnerships within the APAC region.

1.1 Exclusive Deals and Opportunities

We offer our members access to exclusive deals and opportunities in critical sectors of the Web3 industry including development, security & auditing, cloud infrastructure, marketing, white-label services, gamer community acquisition, and more. These tailored opportunities are curated to provide value and catalyze growth for both our official partners and members.

1.2 Promoting Services within the APAC DAO Ecosystem

As a partner in our program, we extend our support by actively promoting your services within the APAC DAO ecosystem. This includes showcasing your offerings to our active and engaged community, thus ensuring that your business gains exposure to a wider audience.

1.3 Access to Potential Clients and Partnerships

Through the APAC DAO community, partners gain access to a vibrant network of potential clients and partnerships. Our growing community serves as a fertile ground for establishing meaningful connections that can lead to major successful collaborations.

1.4 Targeted Business Development Services

We provide specialized business development services that aid in identifying and engaging with the most relevant prospects for your business. This ensures that your efforts are focused on opportunities that align with your strategic goals.

2. Fee Structure:

At APAC DAO, we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. Therefore, we’ve devised a transparent fee structure that reflects this ethos.

– For projects that offer free credits, we don’t charge any referral fee. This means that if your project extends complimentary services like free credits, there’s no cost associated with partnering through APAC DAO.

– For projects with paid services, a referral fee ranging from 10-20% is applicable for every successful partnership facilitated through us. This fee contributes to sustaining and expanding our ecosystem, allowing us to continue providing valuable opportunities to our members as well as our partners. We also expect partners to provide concessions in the form of discounts or complimentary offerings on their services to our members.

3. The Next Steps

The subsequent stages for establishing a partnership with us are as follows:

1. Please initiate contact with our team via the provided email addresses or Telegram handles listed below.

Nicole Nguyen– Co-Founder : 

Email: nicole@apacdao.net

Jesse Dinh – Marketing Lead & BDE

Email: ngiangdinh@gmail.com

2. Following contact, we will furnish you with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and it’s important to note that we will not request any upfront fees until a legally binding MOU is executed. Please exercise caution to avoid impersonators attempting to engage in fraudulent activities.

3. Upon successful execution of the MOU, we will proceed with public announcements on our social media platforms and introduce your offerings to our esteemed members.

The APAC DAO Business Matching Program stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the APAC region. By offering exclusive opportunities, targeted business development services, and a transparent fee structure, we aim to create an environment where businesses thrive and flourish. Join us in this journey towards mutual growth and advancement.