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The Digi Frontiers Forum, organized by AVLD, was a remarkable event that brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to discuss and explore the digital future of Australia-Vietnam collaboration. The forum showcased exciting opportunities for growth and collaboration across various sectors.

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Key Sectors for Growth:

During the forum, prominent sectors for growth in Australia were highlighted, including biotech, edutech, digital gaming, and sports tech. It was fascinating to witness how these sectors align with areas of advantage for Vietnam, creating a strong foundation for collaboration and mutual growth.

ClimateTech and Solar Energy:

One of the pivotal discussions revolved around ClimateTech, with a particular focus on solar energy. Given that cities like Melbourne face heatwaves and the associated casualties, solar energy plays an essential role in improving the quality of life for Australians. The panel shared insights on how Vietnam and Australia can replicate successful models of energy exchange, emphasizing the potential of solar energy and offshore wind solutions.

AgTech Opportunities:

Australia boasts a significantly higher number of AgTech startups compared to Vietnam. The panel shed light on exciting areas of collaboration between Vietnam and Australia in AgTech. These opportunities include early-stage syndicates, facilitating fund of funds, blended financial vehicles, and developing impact measurement and evaluation instruments. It was inspiring to see the potential for knowledge exchange and partnership in this field.

Talent Exchange:

A key driver of resource exchange between Vietnam and Australia has always been the nurturing of talent. The forum emphasized the importance of talent in driving collaboration across various sectors, including digital transformation, healthtech, AgTech, and more. The discussions highlighted the need for specific collaboration use cases and companies, where talent plays a crucial role.

Blockchain and Fintech:

The forum showcased the potential for growth, investment, and user acquisition opportunities in blockchain and fintech between the two countries. Experts shared insights on how to channel these opportunities for bilateral collaboration.

Exciting times lie ahead for the digital future of Australia and Vietnam, with the Vietnam Fintech Summit in October set to further explore bilateral collaboration prospects. Stay tuned for more updates!

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