Finsum Fintech Summit 2024 – Building the Bright Future: Fintech for Happy Growth

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The Finsum Fintech Summit 2024 proved to be a groundbreaking event, marked by the inclusion of a panel discussion on ASEAN, featuring prominent regional tech leaders. This marked a significant milestone for Finsum, as they delved into the potential collaborations between ASEAN and Japan, recognizing the half a billion tech-savvy population in ASEAN as a valuable ally.

Throughout the summit, attendees gained valuable insights into the fintech landscapes of various ASEAN countries. Indonesia showcased its prowess in peer-to-peer lending, while Vietnam highlighted its advancements in blockchain technology. Japan, a pioneer in digital asset regulations, shared its early framework, and the Philippines demonstrated its focus on micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Looking ahead, the summit sparked discussions on ways to foster collaboration among these nations. Three key avenues of collaboration emerged:

  1. Non-tech Collaborations: The focus shifted beyond technology, exploring collaborations in talent acquisition and government-to-government partnerships. These collaborations will facilitate knowledge sharing and talent exchange, fostering mutual growth.
  2. Fintech as an Embedded Horizontal Layer: Participants recognized the potential of fintech as a unifying element, connecting users across different countries and ecosystems. By leveraging fintech as a common platform, ASEAN and Japan can bridge the gaps and facilitate seamless interactions.
  3. Decentralized Collaborative Business: The summit emphasized the importance of capitalizing on the unique strengths of each country. Japan’s robust traditional financial system, Indonesia and the Philippines’ populous markets, and Vietnam’s talent hub can be harnessed to build a decentralized collaborative business model, driving innovation and growth.

The Finsum Fintech Summit 2024, hosted in Japan, showcased Japan’s leadership in the fintech space. With its progressive regulatory environment and technological advancements, Japan has positioned itself as a key player in the global fintech landscape. The summit provided a platform for knowledge exchange and highlighted the potential collaborations between Japan and ASEAN.

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Finsum Fintech Summit 2024 brought together industry leaders to explore the vast potential for collaboration between ASEAN and Japan. By learning from each country’s fintech landscape and leveraging their respective strengths, participants paved the way for a decentralized collaborative business model. This summit marks a significant step towards unlocking the full potential of fintech in the ASEAN region and fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovation and partnership.

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