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TOKEN2049 is back in Singapore to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry insiders, and prominent media figures from the Web3 community. With 200+ speakers, 300+ exhibitors, 400+ side events, and 10,000+ attendees, this two-day Asia’s premium crypto flagship event provides an unprecedented opportunity for networking and collaboration through meetups, workshops, hackathons, networking gatherings, and parties.

As Formula 1 racing is set to descend on the  streets of Marina Bay Sands in a few days time, let’s fulfil our need for speed by getting up to speed with the latest developments from TOKEN2049’s partners.

(1) Say OK to Feeless Transactions for Circle’s USDC

On 9 September 2023, TOKEN2049’s title partners, OKX and Circle announced their partnership that is set to make cryptocurrencies more accessible by lowering the barriers to entry to the crypto market through feeless USDC transactions. Under their “USDC Zero Network Fee Campaign” running from September 7 to October 5, 2023. OKX and Circle aims to make crypto transactions as simple and accessible as traditional financial transactions by allowing users to enjoy feeless USDC transactions on their preferred blockchain.

(2) Fire Up Your Crypto Assets With Fireblocks

On 11 September 2023, TOKEN2049’s title partner, Fireblocks launched its non-custodial wallet service, allowing businesses to leverage its infrastructure to meet the growing demand from Fintech platforms and Web3 businesses looking to provide customers with more control over their assets. Fireblocks’ non-custodial wallets utilize the MPC-CMP protocol, offering faster transaction signing and robust security in a hardware-based trusted environment by mitigating the risks associated with the BitForge vulnerabilities of conventional MPC wallets.

(3) Freezing Crypto Security Risks with CertiK

On 11 September 2023, TOKEN2049’s gold partner, CertiK announced its partnership with OKLink to introduce the Freeze Asset Request (FAR) technical standard which streamlines incident reporting and the freezing of stolen digital assets in response to the growing threat of network hacks and asset thefts in the crypto industry. The FAR is a protocol for reporting security incidents in real-time, offering a unified framework for freezing compromised digital assets to minimise losses and improve blockchain transaction security.

(4) Extra Layer of Google Cloud Security for LayerZero

On 12 September 2023, TOKEN2049’s gold partners, Google Cloud and LayerZero announced their partnership under which Google Cloud will serve as the default oracle provider for LayerZero, connecting decentralized apps (dapps) on LayerZero to verify transactions across various blockchains. While developers can choose other providers, if they opt for Google Cloud, local call messaging requires approval from Google Cloud for verification. In this way, transactions on LayerZero will be secured by Google Cloud’s network.

(5) Kickstarting the Mainstreaming of Web3 with Sony

On 12 September 2023, TOKEN2049’s gold partner, Sony announced its USD3.5 million investment in Startale Labs as part of their ‘Web3 for Billions’ strategy with the aim of establishing a global Web3 infrastructure, leveraging Sony’s expertise in telecommunications and beyond. Under this partnership, Sony and Startale Labs would be joining forces to create innovative Web3 use cases to pave the way for global Web3 adoption for the masses.

(6) Tencent Boost for Web3 Builders and Enterprises

On 12 September 2023, TOKEN2049’s silver partner, Tencent Cloud, launched its first Web3-native product, Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. Developed in collaboration with Ankr, Blockchain RPF is designed to offer blockchain node infrastructure and developer services to Web3 builders and enterprises. The platform allows developers to query data and process transactions on various blockchains, including Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS with a regular request volume of up to 1,800 requests per second per chain.

Now that we are up to speed with the latest developments from TOKEN2049’s partners, it’s time to race towards the future of Web3 with APAC DAO.

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