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???? GM Crypto Sniper Event Recap

The GM Crypto Sniper with 3 hours networking on sniper range – the very first of its kind venue for web3 meetups, hosted by APAC DAO and OffChain Global, with the support of Saigon Sniper and Phaver, was a thrilling networking experience that took place alongside the GM Vietnam conference. More than 130+ attendees had the opportunity to pick their side, make new connections, and immerse themselves in an extraordinary web3 networking event like no other.

APAC DAO, an ever-growing web3 B2B community, played a central role in organizing the event. With over 2,000 members, 500 projects, and representation from 15+ APAC countries, APAC DAO connects millions of blockchain enthusiasts through its members’ communities. Through its official partnerships with global partners like AWS, Alchemy, and Tencent Cloud, APAC DAO aims to drive education, meetups, and business matching initiatives within the web3 space.

Phaver, a platform that provides the best of web3 social without the complexity, also played a significant role. Their token economy is built on on-chain reputation, incorporating social graphs, on-chain assets like NFTs and POAPs, as well as achievement tokens. With their experienced team and headquarters in Finland, Phaver added a unique dimension to the event.

Saigon Sniper, established in 2012, is a club under the Ho Chi Minh City Shooting Federation. Their mission is to popularize the sport of shooting and attract young individuals to join. By creating a welcoming environment, Saigon Sniper has made shooting accessible to a wider audience and continues to promote its growth.

OffChain Global, a global web3 community with chapters in 70 cities worldwide, served as a hub for passionate individuals interested in blockchain technology. Their presence at the event added to the diverse perspectives and knowledge shared among attendees.
Participants had the opportunity to engage in exhilarating shooting sessions while forging alliances and building meaningful connections. Complimentary drinks were offered to registered guests, enhancing the networking experience.

The GM Crypto Sniper event provided a platform for like-minded professionals to explore the limitless possibilities of web3 and take the next steps towards a decentralized future. Attendees were encouraged to mark their calendars and register early to ensure they didn’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Overall, the event was a resounding success, offering a unique blend of networking, education, and exciting activities. APAC DAO, OffChain Global, Saigon Sniper, and Phaver showcased their commitment to fostering the growth of the web3 ecosystem, leaving attendees inspired and ready to embrace the decentralized future.

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