Hongkong Web3 Festival meetup

APAC DAO is teaming up with our partners to host our first ever meetup ourside of Southeast Asia. Please ping us if you want to team up/sponsor our event!

???? April 12th with 100-150 prominent builders, VCs, and web3 players from SEA and HK

???? Central Bar around Web3 Fest Hongkong

???? Partners: Talent@Web3, Zokyo, Router Protocol, Offchain Hongkong, HKGDAO

List side events to HK Web3 Fest


PANews (https://www.panewslab.com/2023hkweb3Festival)

Summary of side events during Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023

The first Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023 will be held in Hong Kong in April. PANews, as the cooperative

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