Hong Kong’s $62B Fund and Common Law History Propel it to the Forefront of Innovation

Welcome to the Web3 Hong Kong Festival! We are thrilled to share the exciting takeaway from Paul Li, President of HKFIA.

Hong Kong has emerged as a powerhouse of web3 innovation, investing a staggering $62 billion fund into web3, AI, and green financing. With a strong foundation of 180 years of common law history, Hong Kong is leveraging its legal expertise to drive forward the digital economy. The implementation of a talent scheme further strengthens Hong Kong’s position as a magnet for top industry professionals.

As proud partners of the festival, APAC DAO and Vietnam Fintech Festival are joining forces with over 20+ leading fintech associations and institutions in Asia and Africa to support the launch of iDEA (International Digital Economy Association). Together, we are shaping the future of finance and driving transformative advancements in the digital economy. Stay tuned for more updates and be a part of the web3 revolution! #Web3 #HongKong #Innovation #DigitalEconomy #iDEA

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