Myths and Facts of Web3 Community building


???? Web3 vs. Web2 analogy is similar to Culture vs. Technique – Incentive vs. Rules and Governance vs. Control

✨ It’s important to set the desirable behaviors, goals and incentives for the members before you can “label” i.e. “set the role” for members

⛳ There’s no one size fit all formula or must-have platforms and rules for building your own community – it’s an ongoing journey of sticking to your niche and accommodating the needs and interest of the majority of the community. Decentralized Identity and SocialFi would also change the landscape of social media platforms sooner than you know!

⏳ Never is the best time to set up a community. The beauty of web3 is the lack of hierarchy and the diminishing importance of experiences. Ask yourself 5 times WHY you are doing this, pick your poison and stick to your niche!

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