Solana Hacker House Ho Chi Minh City

Exciting news! ???? The Solana Foundation and Jump Hacker House are collaborating to bring you an amazing event series from March 15th to 19th, 2023. And guess what? APAC DAO will be there! ????

On Day 5 – VC Pitch Day, APAC DAO will have 1:1 meetings with 20 talented teams from Vietnam to learn more about their businesses and offer support to their web3 journey.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to network, learn from industry leaders, and showcase their ideas to potential investors. And with APAC DAO’s support, these talented teams will have the resources they need to succeed.

Don’t miss out on this amazing event series! Register now at and join us for a week of learning, networking, and innovation. ????


More information about APAC DAO:

APAC DAO is a community-based web3 initiative that structures and powers the journey to web3 for members. We are now an ever-growing group of 1500+ members in 15+ APAC countries & 500+ web3 projects & 4M+ blockchain enthusiasts through members’ communities. We aspire to leverage this powerful network to educate, crowdsource and support high-quality projects in a DAO-governing model – unbiased, transparent and incentive-based to drive the most values for our community.

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