Arbitrum Talks: The Road to the Next Eco Liquidity Peak 

We are excited to announce a special Tech AMA session: “Arbitrum Talks: The Road to the Next Eco Liquidity Peak “. This AMA is brought to you by APAC DAO, in collaboration with Arbitrum, Sotatek, Metatech Insight and ABC Station.

🗓️ Date: Wednesday, November 1st 2023

⏰ Time: 8 PM (GMT+7)

📍 Join here: 

🎙️ Distinguished Hosts and Speakers 🎙️

👉 Cliffton Lee, DAO Relations, Arbitrum Foundation

👉 Nicole Nguyen, Co-founder of APAC DAO

👉 Phuc Nguyen, Co-Founder, Sotatek

Join us for an enlightening session as we explore the immense potential of Arbitrum and how it can propel blockchain innovation to new heights.

🌟 Agenda Highlights:

📈 Arbitrum Unleashed: A Deep Dive into Fundamentals & Latest Developments

🛠️ Tools and Resources for Blockchain Builders: Empowering Your Projects

🏆 Arbitrum Track Introduction + Developer Rewards: Fueling Your Creativity

❓ Interactive Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Session: Get Your Questions Answered Calling All Blockchain Builders and Enthusiasts!

This Tech AMA is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Arbitrum. 

Gain profound insights from our distinguished speakers as they unveil the latest advancements and opportunities that Arbitrum brings to the blockchain ecosystem. 

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