The Merge of Ethereum – All you need to know

As Ethereum’s milestone event draws even closer, let’s look at some key takeaways of The Merge.

1. The Merge is regarded as the most significant upgrade in Ethereum’s development history.

Many tests are being conducted to ensure the most secure and successful transition to Proof of Stake.

2. The Ethereum Merge has been officially scheduled for the TTD (Terminal Total Difficulty).

This also means that The Merge will be available on the Ethereum mainnet on September 15-16.

3. The current Ethereum blockchain will then completely merge with the Beacon Chain, which will mark the end of the Proof of Work consensus mechanism on Ethereum and the complete transition to Proof of Stake.

4. This upgrade is needed for further development of upgrades on Ethereum, including Sharding.

5. The Merge will reduce the energy consumption of the Ethereum network by up to 99.5%.

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