Webinar: “Priming Your Startup For The Bull”

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Our latest webinar on the 22nd of November, 9PM SGT talks about tactics Web3 founders can use to make informed product & business decisions that’ll set them up for success in the bull market. The Webinar will be co-hosted by AlphaLab Capital GroupatatoAPAC DAOCoinseeker.co and Headquarters (HQ.xyz)

🌟 Register: https://lu.ma/web3-webinar

😀 Our distinguished speakers:

👉🏻 Guilaume Le Saint, Co-founder, atato

👉🏻 Stephany Zoo, Head of Ecosystem, AlphaLab Capital Group

👉🏻 Nicole Nguyen, Co-founder, APAC DAO

👉🏻 Alex Teo, COO, Headquarters (HQ.xyz)

👉🏻 Patrick Son, Founder, Coinseeker.co

Webinar includes how to narrow down on core competencies, lead by product, save on expenses (e.g. custody fees 🙂) and conserve capital.

It will also cover how a VC can add value to your strategy. Not only in terms of fundraising, but connecting you to the right network to enable your long-term success.

🌟 Register Now: https://lu.ma/web3-webinar

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