7 steps to grow your community faster & stronger

We’ve all heard that “Web 3 is about community”.

But it is not a walk in the park to build a Web3 community from scratch.

EVERY builders should bookmark 7 steps to GROW your community FASTER & STRONGER.

1/ Awareness

You’re building a community which is made up of people.

People wouldn’t join your community UNLESS they know it EXISTS!

Then, the first important step here is AWARENESS.

Let everyone know about you through Tweets, newsletters, podcasts, videos, and more.

2/ Onboarding

After awareness, it is the momoment when potential members go from thinking about joining your community to actually doing so.

You SHOULD choose the suitable platform like Discord, Telegram, etc to make their experience to be the best and as smooth as possible.

3/ Activation

Now, you want newcomers to start engaging in the community.

You can activate them by:

  • Organizing activities like panel discussion or meet-up parties.
  • Intro area where newly joined people can introduce themselves, and everyone can hop in to engage.

4/ Engagement

It’s time to set the right incentives to encourage engagement.

A conducive environment where the members create value for each other.

Some of initatives you can use:

  • Weekly challenges.
  • Rewarding the engagement with NFTs/Poaps.
  • Daily rituals.

5/ Contribution

It’s the moment when the members turn into contributors, making the network extremely strong.

You can achieve this by:

  • Offering contribute-to-earn bounties and quests.
  • Offering roles in the community for their contribution.

6/ Retention

Now, after making a highly sought-after network of contributors and a ton of value, the question you need to answer:

“How can I make the members stay in the community for a longer time?”

Retention is the right incentives and rewards for the community members to stay, something bigger than bounties or monetary returns.

Being in the community should give them a sense of purpose and that should be the reason they wanna keep coming back to your community.

7/ Referrals

Finally, the referral stage is about:

“How can they help in growing the network as strong as possible?”

You SHOULD try some programs below:

  • Twitter shoutouts to spread the excitement.
  • Referring new members.
  • Monthly/Special Giveaways.

Share with us your thoughts on how to grow your community by chatting with us or leaving a comment here!

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